So who is this DEADPOET Don’t worry, this is me only. while looking at past I understood rather gained something from the past. so I am trying to put that here.

The template has some content written in it, and this is the story of a guy, who has great sense of every thing happening around him he believes that looking at the world in a third person give you something deep and meaningful, the essence of every happening, the meaning of every yes and know, meaning of every new and old, and meaning of love and hate, basically he was a guy who is artist of words but in another he is a magician who knows the feelings meaning of feeling as well as the face of feelings and unfortunately when he started his education while dealing with trigonometric “sin” he failed but he never understood mathematical “sin” as good as the word “sin” days passed but while dealing with mathematical sin the ARTIST, MAGICIAN within him died.

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